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This is a seriously different looking machine, is that an early tele fork BMW front end I see? And it looks suspiciously like a plunger conversion
to the rear as well.
Some previous owner has obviously developed the bike to their own ideas and it is good to see something different with a history of its own.
Should you ever decide to go for originality (whatever that may mean) there are plenty of early BMW fans who will take those bits off your hands and pay good loot for them! Seriously, don’t change it, it is very different.

Regarding chains, providing the sprockets are still in reasonable nick (mine weren’t) I recomend Sprockets Unlimited from near Evesham.
I have used them for a lot of chains in the last few years. They are helpful, seem to know their stuff, and their mail order service is second to none. You can contact them on 01386 831341. They will probably be at Stafford Show this weekend as well.
Good Luck