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Roger Moss

A Scott owner in New York Rich Hixon, has a broken door strap.
He asked on this forum with no sucess
He can not buy from the Spares scheme, as they are not allowed to sell to North America
He asks me
I contact the spares scheme
They have ONLY ONE door strap which they want to keep as a pattern
I phone Ken Lack
He has some cast in alum bronze and will send me one
I will then send it on to Rich Hixon
I make the observation to the new Spares Secretary (who would like to improve the service but is restricted by the arrangement he inherited)
that if the club made some cash available, he could buy a batch from Ken and free up his cash flow.
Our Spares Scheme does not even have a door strap it can sell.
It would be laughable if it was not so sad
In truth it is SHAMEFUL and everbody who just ignores the fact is culpable.
You need an outcry at the AGM
I say YOU, because, in truth, the few with workshop facilities can make their own spares, — at a price
But where does that lead everybody else
Just read Paul Miles piece about spares again in a recent Yowl
The main reason for a club to exist is that by standing together, we can make things better for us all.
If everybody only thinks about themselves, then when you want spares, this is the situation you get.
Apathy never solved anything!