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Roger Moss

HMG Paints do exactly the job. It is a glass lacquer, in other words, a translucent lacquer. As far as I can determine, Scotts polished the iron block, then used an equivalent translucent lacquer. The polished iron gave a dull shine through the lacquer. Instead of brush painting, which is more difficult to do evenly and you have to wash the brushes out every time, I asked them to supply in aerosol cans, but I have to buy them in packs of 10, which is OK if you are doing barrels fairly often. I had thought that I could sell on to owners, but then I found that the post will not accept aerosols as they are considered hazardous and the parcel carriers who deliver the packs and are not so particular, are also more expensive, so I did’nt do it. If anyone is going to Mallory June 22 or 1000 bikes or founders day etc, I would be happy to take some along if anyone is interested. It makes a very good job, but like all painting, the preparation makes a difference. If the block is corroded, it will need either polishing out or the easier option, that also covers blemishes that would be visible through a translucent lacquer, is to fill, rub down then spray with a cellulose aerosol paint that equates in colour to the colour of polished iron. When that is dry, then spray (or paint) with the translucent lacquer and you will get a great authentic finish. Alfred would be proud!
herewith copy of my last order details
HMG Paints Ltd. PON 3852
Collyhurst 07-04-08
Manchester M40 7RU

Please Supply

1 off case of 10 Aerosol cans paint

Spec. 16oz AERO CEL / FS32 / PVC /RAD
UN No. 1950 Flash Point Below 0’C
MB162/CB311 Magenta Cellulose Glass Lacquer

1 off Carriage to above address

As previously supplied
Your Del Ref A5144125
Your Order Ref A4150582
Order Date 24-04-06

HMG Paints Ltd (Head Office)

Riverside Works
Collyhurst Road
M40 7RU

Tel: 0161 205 7631
Sales: 0161 202 2277
Fax: 0161 205 4829

web: http://www.hmgpaint.com
email (sales): sales@hmgpaint.com
email (website): mhutton@hmgpaint.com

If you can not take aerosol, they sell paint

Kind Regards