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Roger Moss

Hi Jeff
My experience might not be typical, but here it is for what it is worth.
My 28 built Rep had a Binks 3 jet and was worn. I made a new slide in bronze and skimmed out the body. This improved things greatly and I also modified the jetting a bit. It would seem that you have to play tunes with the air slide on this carb, if you want it to run fairly smoothly at lower reves, especially in slow traffic. Ted Parkin has this bike now and he will confirm that if in good condition, it works. It seems to work best at higher speeds. When Binks were incorporated into Amalgamated Carbs, they kept it in production for a while, but then dropped it in favour of the needle jet type of carb, which has much better mixture control and does not need the air slide constantly manually operated to balence the mixture. My advice is that if your bike is original and had a Binks 3 jet as part of its original spec, AND you want to keep it original, then there are Carb books that give good details of this. If it is worn, ring Jon Hodges who would recon it as I did mine. Option 2 If you want an easy life, use an amal type 276 needle carb. If you want to be really fancy, the spares scheme has new bodies for the 276 in marine bronze and jon Hodges could machine you one up and put in new internals, so you could have a new carb if you wanted. Option 3 Put on a modern carb mated to an adaptor5 again supplied by Jon.
This looks like I am on comission for Jon (How about it Jon?)
The truth is that Jon made some 38mm carbs for me when I was too busy and I was very impressed with his excellent work. Jon likes an engineering challange (another masochist!) but is a very modest man and does not blow his own trumpet—-so I will do it for him!
Jon Hodges UK number 01550 720 494
email jon@myddfai.com or darad@myddfai.com
Hope this helps
Kind Regards and good luck
Roger Moss