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Derek Swetnam

Many thanks Malc and Chris for your interest and advice.

The Lucas distributor is totally different from the Miller. On the Lucas the three connections feed in from the top whereas the Miller has a little chamber/cover on the cap which clamps the three H/T leads.

An additional complication is that the rotor arm sits onto a three eighths inch spindle ;normally 1/2 “.

The above mentioned cover clamps on with three brass screws that are jammed solid! I may have to drill them out, but how far to drill?

The very pretty motorbike did a few miles last week…….on one cylinder! It is looking increasingly likely that a lot of the trouble stems from the H/T side.

Several good folk have claimed that Miller never made a distributor : oh, yes they did! ask Ian Pearce who re-made the bushes on mine.

Thanks again Derek