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Richard Moss

I am not immune to irritation or dissapointment but i have to say i found the absolute finality of the situation really quite cathartic.

I know when there is a chance of making a repair, but, there was nothing i could do.

I will be fitting Rogers race engine for Oulton, which is on the 12th May (i think) and this gives me the chance to do a new case for a bit later in the summer.

It certainly offered a rare example to see the differences in cross section over the casting… yikes… from about 1/8″ to just under 3/8″.

The thing is. if this had been a regular road engine it probably would have been ok, but i spent almost a week getting the head profiles matched to a point where i have only 21 cc head volume at T.D.C.

That is a hell of a compression. I think over 10:1 after the exhaust closes. I guess if you have weaknesses in the casting, they are going to show up …

I hope the RD boys enjoy the pics… my first ‘real’ bike was a 350 ypvs. We’ve still got it, and it will be going for its MOT on tuesday. A lot of smiles per mile!

As for the Scott

I’ve been offered a bit of sponsorship to put it on a dyno to test it properly once the engine has been rebuilt, so cross fingers…

It might just hang together : )