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Stan Thomas

In response to Roger’s recent message, I am sure many others will feel as I insofar as I feel mystified by Bob Trickett’s claim that he was “ADVISED” not to attend the rally.

By whom I ask – and trust Roger will sort out an answer to that question in the name of the S.O.C. if and when Bob contacts him.

However, one point of correction Roger. To my understanding is that The Club does not actually pay anything for the use of the Rally field – unless things have changed since I set up the venue back in the seventies, when the arrangement was that we only had to pay the normal admission charge per individual on the gate.

Given that is still in force, then I cannot see how anyone can be prevented from being present in the field where we hold our rally. But perhaps someone knows something I (we) dont.

Please keep us informed Roger, as the facility for Members to purchase spares from whatever source irrespective of personalities is fundamental to The Club.