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Mike Fennell

I am very pleased that my prodding has aroused Doug Kephart sufficiently to decide to stick his neck out again on this topic. In my opinion Doug it’s definitely in the wider interest, and how much better to get it from the horses mouth than relying on my failing memory, especially now you have told us that it all took place 18 years ago!

I feel also that I owe efr215 an apology for assuming that everybody in the SOC knows of Doug Kephart and has read his stuff. Obviously not. And I accept that his theoretical calculations were accurate and interesting.

So, where does the average owner, confronted by the problem in 2008, now stand?

Firstly, putting the cart before the horse, I suggest that the old studs should be discarded even if they can be backed out successfully. Reason is, they should all be replaced with plated stainless to reduce future electro-galvanic corrosion. I guess that should include plated washers as well? Then follow the other protective measures in Technicalities 2.4.30

Coming back to the crucial issue though, is it efr215’s cool, careful milling, drilling and defragmentation, or go for broke with DK’s hot, fast blast? In the end it’s probably a matter of temperament. Personally I’m attracted to the DK method but even if you gave me a brand new 250A arcwelder to play with I wouldn’t have the guts to even turn it on, such is my ignorance of those things.

As it happens, I do have a seized head awaiting attention, so I intend to look for an experienced welder with enough nous and adventurous spirit to give it a try. If I find the right man ( and I have an unsuspecting victim in mind ) I’ll document the whole thing and publish it in Yowl and the Forum.