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Mike Fennell

Ted Robinson is correct about the heavy duty welder method of rapidly heating the studs to bright red along their whole length. The expansion crushes the accumulated corrosion products – according to American member Doug Kephart who wrote it up in Yowl several years ago. Are you still there Doug?

I always found that DK speaks with the authority of a very experienced and well equipped engineer – he admitted that not everybody has such a welder in his garden shed!! – and it would be nice to hear from him again on this topic. I can’t find the article in my haphazard collection of Yowls.

The postings do not mention a reference in Technicalities – page 2.4.30
where the head corrosion problem is discussed by Glyn Chambers and Ken Lack. This material goes back to Yowl V 9/10 1975/6 where it is stated that Spares Scheme stainless steel head studs were to be cadmium plated as part of a preventive solution to the problem. This apparently reduces galvanic effects between alumimium and stainless to 2% – impressive! Other aspects are also mentioned such as, slightly enlarging the holes in the head, anti-corrosive painting inside the holes, and use of Halfords “Bars Leak” in the water. Ken Lack recommended “Fernox” for crystal clear water on opening the drain tap.

I have not personally implemented these recommendations – apart from buying stainless studs from the new Spares sec, which do not appear to be plated. It just goes to show how hard-won knowledge can be lost in the passage of time so that newcomers have to start over again, trying to re-invent the wheel.