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Roger Moss

Nobody likes to shell out £500 for a mag, but I was quoted £256 to recon an existing old mag in 2001.
When I considered that this would include all the problems associated with the spark losing synchronicity at over 4000 revs etc, I opted to buy components and make up an electronic mag conversion. It cost me over £1000, but went better than a traditional mag.
I changed to a BT-H when Tony Harris started making them and have been very happy with the results. He did do some conversions to Lucas magdyno’s but stopped as it proved too expensive for what folks would pay, but if you really want to have an authentic Lucas magdyno with a mag element that works properly, then perhaps if life has been financially kind to you, then Tony could be persuaded to make one for you.
As regards cranks. I was let down on delivery by the company that did the CNC machining, but they have now been hardened and are at grinding.
Our designer Ted Hills has made a great job of putting the designs on CAD that will not deteriorate with time.
In the meantime, for those who like making things, please know that I am happy to supply designs and info at cost only.
Kind Regards