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Richard Moss

Worth checking the float needles taper also as they do get worn because of engine vibration. You can get these from Don Payne at Hitchcocks Motorcycles i would think.

Don had a Scott and is a very knowledgable man in issues relating to carburation.
Hitchcocks is on 01564 783 192 or info@hitchcocksmotorcycles.com

or check out


He is not the only purveyor of fine AMAL stuff around and i recommend a visit to the Surrey cycles website also to check out the exploded diagrams of various carb models online. https://www.amalcarburettors.co.uk

I have recently come across a couple of instances in reputable two stroke tuning books which suggest the float height to be of much less critical importance than people generally believe. If it comes down to your carb leaking because of a combintaion of the carb angle, the position of the air feeds for the emulsion tube, and the float height…
well… Is there any impediment to you just swinging the float chamber back and thus reducing the height until it doesnt leak?
Has anyone out there ever seized a motor on account of lowering the float height or in fact know of anyone who has?

difficult to be sure but i’m interested..

The thing is.. In all these years of racing.. We haven’t.