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Roger Moss

Hi Dan
Before I went electronic, I used to get my mags rebuilt and spares from

Independent Ignition Supplies
Myrtle Street
Appledore, Bideford,
N Devon

EX39 1PH
01237 475986


Prop Mike Green
Mike Green he rec Derek Smith for dynamo rewinds

I am sure there are others but I used them as they did not overwind the armatures.
Some mag rebuilders put extra turns of fine wire on the armature to give a fatter spark, as most classic bikes are better outside than inside and get oily with not having regular use. This is OK for a four stroke, but not for a Scott which runs its mag at engine speed (Twice the speed of a four stroke) In this case “Overwinding” causes excessive voltages which quickly break down the insulation causing failure.
Independent have a booklet of mag spares and it may be worth putting the name into Google, as I would expect that they have a website now
Kind Regards