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Roger Moss

Hi Erik
When I started out with Scotts, I had a 28 built TT Replica with a 3 jet Binks.
It was pretty worn, so I re engineered the slide to get as near as possible to new standard of operation.
If I wanted to run smoothly at lower throttle openings, it was necessary to keep adjusting the air lever to suit. At wider throttle openings it went quite well. When the three carb manufacturers Brown & Barlow, Binks and Amac combined to form Amalgamated Carburettors, the chose the Amac needle design as the one where the mixture ratio could be best controlled.
For ease of setting up and running, you can not fault their decision.
Just one point, the Scott carb runs at a high inclination and the needle does tend to drag on the brass needle jet and wear it oval. The needle jet is quite cheap and it is a sensible choice to change it every 5000 miles. I have equipment to measure their bores and the wear can be quite alarming, with a detrimental effect on mid range running, hunting, four and eight stroking etc.