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Rod Norris

When this was first mentioned, I offered my services along with others to carry on the excellent work carried out so far. It seems we have a nucleus of good intention with which we could carry out some work on a trial basis.
I have a few CD Roms of manuals for different bikes. On one CD I have the Triumph Manuals collection for different eras. Another I have BMW and one for my modern Hayabusa. They prove very useful. I can print the whole lot out and put them in plastic sleeves that can then go in a ring binder or just print the relevant pages and toddle off to the garage and do my work wothout fear of being left with an oily unreadable manual.
The PDF CD is very useful in that you can search for words or view the contents section and go straight to the information. I have scanned some pages from Yowl and the scanner picks up the print from the other side of the page. When Colin mentioned then converting to text rather than the picture image which the text is at this stage, the background rubbish would disappear upon conversion. My scanner fetches the pictures out OK. If not, are the originals pictures available. Surely for this project, the technical drawings and technical pictures are most relevant rather than a picture of my Grandad on his Scott 50 years ago. The point being that the technical stuff can be scanned from other sources of better quality if necessary
Like most of you I don’t have a lot of spare time, but if others are willing to participate then between us we should be able to compile a few years of info and test out the results before moving on. The existing info that a member has already worked on could be presumably updated in to the same format. The OCR (optical character recognition) software has improved considerably over the last few years and modern computers can cope admirably with the volume of information needed to be processed.
If we all devoted just 2 hours a week each, then I’m certain this could be started.
I used to teach people to use computers and age is not a barrier. Younger people are surrounded by the technology at work but I have come across many gifted people of all ages. Having fond memories of the past and liking history should not preclude you from partaking in progress and most people accept this.
We must however, take all necessary steps to ensure that those without computers are not made to feel left out.
I hope to be of help in this excellent project.