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Richard, the electronic system I devised, I wont say designed, as I am not that clever, uses components made by Electrotech in Reading. The stator plate with the pick ups had the three holes on the same PCD as the standard Lucus alternator, so with so machining and juggling, I mounted inside a Brum Scott alternator housing. The twin coils and electronic gizmos that supply the advance are remotely mounted on the frame.
With the plugs removed I can spin the motor fast enough to get sparks, but not with the plugs in, as I can only get one revolution, ie two TDCs.
As it is a self contained unit, I can remove it and run it up on my two speed drill. At low speed which is stated as 400 rpm I get nothing, but at a higher speed, maybe 500 or so, it works. I have been in (frequent) touch with Electrotech, and the main man there cannot understand this as he has used the same set up on T500 Suzuki two stroke twins. He has a plan B up his sleeve so I will be seeing him at Stafford show next month.
The reason I went to the trouble of the electronic ignition, when I allready had the distributor and the alternator was tat I have built the Scott Is Born project as a pseudo 1930s Scott, and did no want the distributor, too modern and too ugly, also, if you have never had one of these alternators in your hand and tried to rotate it, the magnetic drag is very high and must soak up a lot of power, and I felt I did not want this just to run the ignition as I have not fitted any lights.
Iwillkeep you all posted on developements.
Jan, thanks for the Lucas info sheets Ihavnt had time to study them yet

Dave Herbert