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Roger Moss

Hi Dan
When you join the club you will find the name of our registrar is John Underhill.
We are tremendously lucky to have such a man in our club.
He has a vast fund of knowledge about Scotts
I suggest you write him a letter, as he does not have a computer.
His contact details are
John Underhill
74 Greengate Lane,
Leicester. LE4 3DL
Please quote all the info you have especially the frame, engine and gearbox numbers. In some cases the works records will show what kind of lighting and carb was originally on it, so quote this info too.
I remember having my first Scott. I was 28 and a reasonably able engineer. I still had quite a bit to learn.
If you would like input, just ask. The SOC has many very knowledgeable members
Although those with internet facilities only number about 150 out of a membership of 700, this figure is growing steadily.
We will be happy to help you all we can.
Just one comment about Scotts.
If they are in good condition, assembled correctly and used sensibly, they are delightful.
Try to avoid the temptation of the rough and ready fix.
Very Kind Regards
Roger Moss