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Shaun Matthews

The petrol comes out of a small hole under the pilot screw – looking at it petrol must flood out of here because it is immersed – I suspect that it is a drill way that should have been plugged ( there for manufacturing reasons to drill the pilot hole through to the choke) – if anyone has a bike with a TT carb on could you please look directly under the pilot screw and see if the 1/16″ hole is open or plugged.

As always feedback appreciated.


PS – As Roger knows – The RH Crank went on my Rep last weekend when I was giving it some thrang on the way back from the Borders bike show. – The very nice man is going to make me a new pair so I’m concentrating on a non Scott project whilst he weaves his mettallic magic. Leson to any one else who uses their Scott – Listen to Roger – the cranks do go – Be warned.