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David J Waring

Hello Carl,
The photo of the “new” 1912 machines on the 1911 show stand (see “Made to Limit Gauge” volume A illustration 37), shows machines similar to the photo on page 42 of the “Yowling 2 Stroke”, which appears to be a touched up version of that on page 18 of the “Second Scott Selection”.
However, the photo used in the 1912 catalogue (see “Made to Limit Gauge” volume B illustration 38) was not only taken from a different angle, but shows a tank on which the silver lines are much further apart (the lines may also be slightly narrower), as per Lewis’ machine FH 2949, restored in the 1970’s by the late Keith Rhodes, from a rusting wreck, stored in a damp shed for over 30 years. The petrol tank had lost all of it’s paint, so Keith followed the catalogue photo, interpreting the shaded top & base to be black, in conflict with Stan Greenaway, who chose purple top & base for LU 2198 (see “Yowling 2 Stroke” page 56), albeit with wide spaced silver bands. Confusing isn’t it ?
Have you approached Andrew Marfell ?