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Roger Moss

The dual seat on the Flyer special that Dave Cope built that was a centre spread in Yowl some time back, blended in very well.
Dave would be happy to give you details
Dave Cope
7 George Street
Nottingham NG17 8GT

email Copey.dam1@btopenworld.co.uk
Tel 01623 754 001
Mob 07973 919 234

Kind Regards Roger
Now back to boring cylinders this Sunday afternoon—
I have just bored an engine that I was a bit anxious about
1904 3 cylinder steam engine 1.9375″ bores x 6.500″ deep.
We managed it and so perhaps I helped to give it another 100 years of life! Monday onwards will be new short Flyer undertrays.
I just hope I can find time to check over my racer and pull in Bob Collets Phased Transfer engine. I must be a masochist!
At least I am never bored!