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Roger Moss

I deleted my previous posting about this bike, that I had seen some years ago in California at an early stage in its construction. It was too negative and without recent knowledge of how it was finished off, was unfair and I offer my unreserved apologies for this
My comments about the potential extra loadings on both engine and transmission however, are, I think reasonable.
Please understand that this project has been far more radical than my own modest efforts to increase the efficiency of a Scott engine by optimising normally aspirated breathing only. As I experimented over many years, then the failures and limitations brought about by higher loadings emerged. It was necessary to make a number of alterations to enhance the engine and gearbox to give it strength to match the increased duty. Even last year we broke a layshaft in the gearbox that had itself been specially made previously.
We should be fair and pay full respects to the determined person who constructed this bike and not unreasonably impede his chances of a good sale. On the other hand, I think any prospective purchaser should be objective in appraising such a prospect
If a person was interested to buy this machine with the aim of using its full implied potential, then I suggest they buy with the full acceptance that the next stage after building any special, is the development phase, which is of unknown extent. The photos show a machine that does not bear visible evidence of being run, see chains, sprockets, tyres etc. In this case it would be important to know to what extent it had been tested on a dyno or on a track already and the results that would indicate power output and reasonable commensurate future durability.
As regards the man who must have spent a considerable proportion of his lifetime and energy in conceiving and constructing this bike, then I offer my respect for his dedication and achievement.
As regards the price, it would have cost much more than the price mentioned at commercial rates