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Roger Moss

Donnington is a fast track that suits Manx Nortons and G 50’s better than the Scott. On Saturday it was damp and in a mixed grid with about 30% pre 48 vintage, the rest were classic 500’s. These consisted of Manxes G 50’s Seeley G50’s Honda 500 fours, Gold stars.
Paul was first vintage and third overall with only a Manx and a hot Gold star in front. The famous Rhodes KTT racer ridden by Bill Swallow, was quite a way astern! On Sunday with dry conditions, Paul was fifth, with a couple more Manx Nortons getting in front, but the majority of the field was well back. It was a very satisfying finish to the season, but I would like to find yet more power. Colin Heath and John Farrer are kindly giving me advice based on their experience. A good number of folks at Donnington came to look at this “Flintstone Yamaha” and wonder at its performance. Perhaps a few converts?
I talked to Bill Swallow who has achieved wonders round the IOM track on Velocette machines and others. He reminded me that he was brought up with Scotts, as his father was not only a great fan, but was a Scott dealer. Bill tests and writes for Classic Racer magazine, and has agreed to race test the Scott as soon as is convenient.
Trying to race a Scott is not an easy way to success compared with starting with a Manx or G50 etc, but it is immensely satisfying to put so many of those exalted machines behind you!
Mavro was correct, It is better to lose with a Scott, than to win on another make!
Kind Regards to all
Roger Moss and Paul Dobbs