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Roger Moss

We had a customer’s bike with Dowty forks here for a while. The forks were down to bottom position as all air had escaped. I decided that if there were slight air leaks through stanchion surface imperfections or seal wear, then air would leak more slowly if there was a thicker oil film. We put in SAE 90 gear oil and it worked fine and stayed up while we had it. Thinking more about this, I consider the Slideway Oils we used to use on machine tool slideways. In this application, a gear type oil was blended with an adhesive so that the oil would stick to the surfaces rather than drain off. This is a similar characteristic to Castor based oils where there is a molecular attraction to metal surfaces. If I had Dowty forks, I would put in this type of oil like Mobil Vactra 2 or if very worn Mobil Vactra 4. I put heavier oil in my Douglas 90 plus forks and as they are worn, it recreates the action of an unworn fork with lighter oil. It works for me! Kind Regards Roger