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Before I go and hibernate with a cheap bottle of scotch ’till the “festive season” is over I thought I’d bring those interested up to speed on where I am with this idea.

My first concern was to do nothing that required any modifications to the existing fork parts. This I think I have resolved.

The second problem was materials, this has been a much more intractable problem than I would have ever thought possible and even now has been only partly resolved.
Why, Oh! why?!!! Won’t businesses reply to potential customers?

On the parts front I can see no way of doing this without making some new bits in addition to the new seal and this will inevertably add to the cost of conversion. The additional parts mostly involve turning and is within the capacity of my facilities so I’ll be able to keep the cost down to a minimum if that’s any comfort.

Question: As I have only the one example to work on if anyone else has been inside their forks and taken some measurement could they confirm:-

(1) That the full stroke of the legs is 5 .75″
(2) That the inside diameter of the upper tubes is 1.625″
(3) The correct quantity of oil each leg was supposed to carry?

A Happy Christmas to everyone and also my particular thanks to all those that sent me loads of useful information about Scotts.