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Hi! Jan, how many can I put you down for?
Hi! Steve, rest easy, no springs involved!

The concept first came to my attention as a result of my dealings with Stirling engines. The big brutes, (150KW), use Hydrogen as a fluid, a substance as fluid compared with air as treacle is to water. In other words it’ll leak through damn near anything and in this case it was at around 1,000psi with next to zero leakage over 12 months… I tend to make a mental note of things like that!

In the case of the forks the material will be different but then it’s not being asked to operate at several hundred deg. C. in an engine moving at 1,000 rpm! I know the idea works in far more arduous conditions than in a set of forks will experience but there is still a lot of work to prove it in this application and there the important matter of personal safety to consider.

This is then not going to be a quick fix, it’ll take some time to properly sort out, so bear with me please.