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You are probably right, I should not worry about the exact colours. However I like to think that the Scott will see its 100th birthday, when I am long gone, as will be my annotated notes. Whereas technicalities will live for ever and someone will be able to see exactly why my handiwork has gone wrong! Whatever ones view I can only praise the service from Vehicle Wiring Products, who delivered all I asked for overnight.

Can you help me on another item. The headlamp, switch and loom came as a pile of bits. It is fairly obvious how the switch and headlamp reflector with the bakelite/brass bit between them fit together. What is not so obvious is how to do up the two nuts holding the switch onto the back of the headlamp, as the nuts are tightly recessed into the switch. Should the two long studs in the back of the headlamp be capable of being turned or are they fixed permanently to the headlamp?

If you are familiar with the headlamp this will make sense if not I doubt I have explained it very well.