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richard tann


To be honest there hasn’t been a great deal of interest in the email address list. Only four or five members have asked me for it so far.

I do not think I would be allowed to give out a partial address, country, but not any more.

To be of any real use the list would have to state the area of interest of each member. We do not have this information at present, it would have to be “gathered” in subsequent renewal forms. I had hoped that this list would be of most benefit to overseas members, enabling them to get a little more out of the Club.

I agree that a members list would be a good thing but the Club ruling at present is that it will not be, and I have to abide by that. If you feel strongly about it speak to your Section Secretary, and bring it up at the AGM. A list could easily be constructed excluding members who wished to protect their privacy.


Richard Tann