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David J Waring

What superbly evocative videos !
Thank you Richard for sharing the sounds & sights, which must have been so familiar to the heroic riders of Scotts in the Senior TTs of yesteryear.
You must have had a most exhillarating ride to average 53.50 mph, which is way above any speed that I would have acheived, but do you realise that your average is spot on the fastest lap of H.O.”Tim” Wood in 1914 ? Those were the days when Scotts, in common with most other makes, were what I describe as “all engine and no brakes”
Moving on to 1928, your machine TT2 is contemporary with the Scott that Tommy Hatch rode into third place at an average of 60.89 mph – and that was in pouring rain !
What courageous men they were, eh ?
I will put a few anecdotes together for ‘Yowl’, in due course.