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Roger Moss

Hi Jan
Your comment was perhaps nearer than you knew!
Some years ago I was competing at Oulton park and got in a slide and had to take to the grass on a corner. By some miracle I stopped on, but my goggles were round my neck. I was riding a 1939 Triumph in that race and this was not a bike where you let go of the bars if you had any thoughts of personal safety. I tried to put them on, one handed, while racing, but no success, so I decided that the only place on the circuit that was smooth enough to take both hands off was Cascades corner, a downhill adverse camber left hander. I duly got the bike going as fast as I dared and balenced my weight carefully on the saddle, then took both hands off the bars at about 70 mph and put on my goggles. When I came in I found that the three most senior management members of our sport governing body, the ACU, had witnessed this and said I had reduced the noble sport of Motorcycle racing to the status of a three ring circus!
They were very displeased!
They then said they did not like my open face helmet. I explained that I was born with a squint and so did not have the same ability to see depth as person who had normal binocular vision. That I saw as you would look at a postcard and so the wind in my face helped me to judge how fast I was going and so gave a little more input to judge braking positions for corners. I remember them shaking their heads in disbelief as they walked off. It’s a funny old life!