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Roger Moss

Hi Neil
As I understand it, £1000 would cover it as per your quote.
That, I presume is Yowl scanned solely, with no other items.
This is no critism, just a wish to be sure I understand.
Using the format you describe, is it possible to search for relevant technical pieces by putting in keywords?
If so this could fill the bill.
I am at a disadvantage, in that I am not an expert on programmes.
I do understand, however, that given the sheer volume of text and photos involved, then the facility to search quickly and accurately is absolutely crucial.
If it can be done at the figures you suggest, then, if you can assure that it will be searchable, I should then consider our application to the management comittee.
If there is any doubt as to the ability to search the body of information efficiently and, for instance, it needs Acrobat to do this, then my conviction would be that we should bite the bullet and do it properly.
I respect absolutely, the work and thought that you and others have put in to this. As I have said before, when we have a fair quote for a job that satisfies our requirements, I will do what I can to help.
Just re assure me on this search ability question
Kind Regards