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Ted Robinson

There are no spacers on the brake plate assembly.The spindle is 17mm.
dia.with a 0.750 ins. dia.shoulder on the LH.end this passes through the
LH.fork leg LH. brake plate ,hub bearings ,RH. brake plate and screws
into the RH.fork leg. When the spindle is tightened the shoulder butts onto
the steel insert on the LH.plate and clamps the whole assembly to the RH. fork leg. First nip up the spindle then slacken half a turn apply the front brake, while the brake is on lock up the spindle this centralises the shoes
to the drums then as Stan said bounce the forks up and down a couple of
times to align the forks and tighten up the 5/16″ unf. bolt on the LH. fork
leg clamp and job done. If the hub bearings have been assembled correctly the wheel will rotate freely.
Best wishes Ted Robinson.