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Roger Moss

I noted earlier that I used a synthetic oil. So I did, on the reccomendation of my friend Paul Dobbs who has raced modern two strokes for several years. Alas I had a seizure, and when I stripped the motor, the aluminium from the piston looked like it had been metal sprayed on the bore! I also noted that all surfaces looked dry. I had been used to running on castor R40 for racing. It smokes quite a lot, but when you strip it, everything is nice and oily. The oil film does not totally run off. This suits my purposes but would not suit normal riding perhaps.
My conclusion is that the Scott engine likes a thick oil ie one with a good film thickness. As regards which, I suggest you ask those who do a lot of road riding. As regards the proposition that if you use two stroke oil in your fuel, it prevents the pilgrim from working correctly, then with the very greatest respect, I cannot follow the logic and I used this system for years without any problems. Whatever system you use, do drain the wells before starting if the engine has stood more than a couple of days. It saves a lot of kicking and perhaps, swearing!
As regards “Technicalities, Please Please remember that this is a collection of personal tips from owners with very diverse life experiences and facilities. All the advice is given in good faith but IS NOT warrented by the SOC. Perhaps one day we can get together a technical group to write a new owners handbook and workshop manual. We can dream!
Kind Regards