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Martin Heckscher

Hi Eddie,

I’m not sure whether or not it is correct, or appropriate, for committee members to state their personal views on the forum – but for what it’s worth my own feeling is that the combined event at Abbotsholme is a big advance over the tired event that used to happen at Stanford Hall.

At Stanford Hall there was never enough time to do everything, and there was no riding element. This is after all a motorcycle club!

I am told that lots of members would rather be at Stanford Hall. Well, over the last two years only one member has expressed that opinion to me, but there have been countless comments in favour of Abbotsholme.

I think it would be a pity to lose the whole weekend format that we have just enjoyed so much. However, if the counter proposal is that a full weekend event at Abbotsholme is to be maintained, and a separate one day event is to be established, I suppose I should keep an open mind. I just can’t see any appeal in the static old Stanford Hall format.

I suppose that those members who have come along only on the Sunday may possibly see little difference – just a new venue. Well, the whole appeal of Abbotsholme is the Friday to Sunday format and all that the additional time allows. Come & experience it if you haven’t already. We are surely the envy of many other clubs who would love to stage such an event.

I cannot see what is to be gained by changing what has become, in only 2 1/2 years, the best event in the Scott Club calendar over the whole 26 years that I have been a member.

Very best wishes to all