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Richard Moss

Personally i think Wide is great if you are planning to tow a very heavy trailer up a very steep hill. Considering your location, I’d be doubtful thats going to happen. You could on the other hand take on the Dutch 0 to 10kph drag record.
I want to build up an ultra close for racing as i have a hybrid box which is not even in its ratios. Roger used to run it very successfully but i think the gap between 2nd and third is too wide. The sprinters used to use this design i read in techicalities somewhere..

The best for the road on a tuned bike is surely as Roger said the modern or medium close which is a good compromise, but out of the two you’ve got, I’d definitely go for the close.
Then you can liberate the wide set to fulfil their true purpose: to hold open the workshop door.

; )