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Roger Moss

Hi Erik
If you are taking a pillion passenger with you, choose the wide set.
If not, especially on the flat roads in your area, the close would be better. If your clutch is OK, then with your weighted flywheel, the increased flywheel inertia will help to overcome the high first gear to some extent. The later medium close set is a good compromise that Scotts were obliged to change to, as the bikes got heavier than the Vintage type bikes. We are expecting to have more medium close sets in about 2 months time and our new Yowl Editor, Eddie Shermer will be able to do a conversion service when they are available.
We are interested to know to what extent the gas flowing together with the weighted flywheel will co exist with the Ultra Close Vintage box. I think it will be a big improvement. Do let us know!
Kind Regards