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Roger Moss

Hi Barry
If you do not get a response from this message board, I suggest you get an advert put in Yowl and contact Steve Enticott to run a wanted ad in the next newsletter. I discussed your requirement with my colleague Eddie Shermer who works with us on transmissions. We agreed that although it would be possible to make a new gearbox, it would be a lengthy process as all the internals that remain in the Holder stock have been effected by the heat of the Trickett fire and are soft. By the time they are sorted, cleaned, hardened, cleaned again and then built into a box, this runs away with time and thus money. You also did not say if you had a Scott clutch to go with ant Scott gearbox you might obtain. There are no clutch basket / drum components at Holders and we cannot afford the cost of having a batch made. I have suggested that this is something that the spares scheme might look at in the future. A survey of how many owners might be interested might be helpful. Your most cost effective hope is that someone has a unit you can buy complete. Nothing is impossible to make, but such things are often not economically viable.
Kindest Regards