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Roger Moss

Hi Neil. I was pleased to help! To see another happy owner actually riding his bike is all the reward I need.
Neil, please understand that all I have done is resign from a spares scheme technical panel. I had been discussing how I could use my engineering facilities to supply qualified major spares to the Spares Scheme. The problem was both money and politics.
As regards money, neither I, nor the spares scheme, have enough working capital to do the job properly.
I suggested raising the subs and the club helping the spares scheme. This did not find support.
As regards politics, it was not so long ago that senior members were peddling the rumour that Roger Moss, Gill Swan and Stan Thomas were intending to do a “UDI” on the Spares Scheme, for their own private financial gain. I confess to being a little irked by this.
As I can see no way that a solo person can bring about the changes I think are needed, plus I was getting into areas where I might again be accused of putting my financial interest before that of the club, then the appropriate decision was to resign from this Technical panel only.
My loyalty is to my fellow Scott owners, whether club members or not.
As regards the philosophy of the management committee, then you all voted them in and until you do otherwise, it is only fair to conclude that the majority are happy. This is democracy. If I get frustrated because I believe I see possibilities for improvements and wish to be pro active, but find I am in a minority, then this is my problem and I must accept things as they are.
So enjoy riding your bike! I intend to ride more myself next year as I am 64 in February and when you eventually get to the state that you can no longer ride, then it’s no use chiding yourself for all the time you spent in your workshop, whilst other more wise folks were out riding!
Kind Regards