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Roger Moss

Mon 02-05-05
So you are 17 today.
May I, on behalf of Scott owners and lovers everywhere, wish you —

We need more young men like you — many more!
Do consider writing the occasional piece for Yowl about how you are going on and keeping up updated here!

As for starting
If it has been standing for a while,
Remove doors and check that the bottom end is neither rusty or blue.
Turn the engine over a couple of times to see if there is any excessive movement or “Clanking,
Mop out bottom of cases (wells)
If big ends look dry, just a small squirt of oil from a can.
Check the fuel in the tank is not more than about 4/5 months old, as it goes thick,
Drain down carb float chamber to get rid of thick fuel residue if it has been standing,
Refit doors,
Turn on petrol tap and leave for 15 secs for it to fill float chamber.
Press tickler about 3 secs to elevate fuel level in float chamber but not flood it,
Open throttle, spray in a 2 second burst of WD 40,
Give it a kick.
Providing the spark is there, it should go.
If it does not
Now you become a detective!

When a Scott is left standing for long, oil drains down into the bottom of the crankcase. If you try to start it with this thick goo inside, the rod lashes it upstairs and the engine will not be inclined to fire easily.
If the engine runs a few strokes after using WD 40 but dies, you will know that the sparks are ok, but you have a fuel supply problem.

Best of luck