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Roger Moss

Hi Erik and all leak fans.
When I had my Replica, the radiator leaked. I made a punch to cut out rubber bungs about 6mm thick and fitted them in the leaking tubes. To my recollection, the rad had 1200 tubes so blocking up a few will not hurt. Unfortunately, one day I filled it from the wrong plastic bottle (AT a race meeting) and this one had dilute detergent in it. The water came out like a fountain. I bought some tube and made and fitted 350 tubes one at a time. I finally gave up as I realised that when the core has deteriorated to that extent, there is no real alternative to having a new core.
Jon Hodges does a great job on the honeycomb radiators, but I do not know if he does modern cores. I would always use Jon as first preference, but a customer told me of a man named Tony Wilder from Leeds who used to work at Northern Radiators. I am told that Tony does modern cores and his Tel No is 0113 287 2946
In both these cases you are in direct contact with the man who does the work. Working through an intermediary has resulted in difficulties in recent times. On the Mustard story, yes I heard that one but never tried it. I was intrigued, however, by an elderly maker of steam engined models, who stopped his boilers leaking by using “algae water” What is that, I asked, expecting some exotic brew. Its water from the top of a stagnant pond with algae in it, he replied. I have not tried that either.
So, for me, avoid any cleaning fluids and make rubber bungs with a hole cutter. Kind Regards