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Roger Moss

Hi Jem
You can probe down the hole and find if the stud is missing or sheared off when a previous owner tried to remove it.
My guess is the latter is true. If the bolt is just missing, then if more luck than probibility was on your side, you might be able to just put one in.
If it is sheared, as I suspect, then if the head is not leaking water or compression pressure, then just leave it until you have a problem that is worth doing something about. If you do not like the appearence of the empty hole, just stick the top end of a barrel bolt and nut in with some silicone. Result, all will look OK and the bike will go correctly. If you do not have any Scott type steel bolts, contact me as I have a bucket of them.
Likewise, although I am not looking for work, if anyone has a head they can not get off, I will always try to pull in a job like that for a fellow owner. Regards Roger