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Roger Moss

Hi Dave
Herewith heresy!
Nearly a century ago, Alfred had to use the available resources, but he showed himself to have an original and inventive mind that was unfettered by the conventional wisdom of the day.
I suspect that if Alfred had had Silicone sealant available, he would never have used gaskets.
So,– Off to Wilko for a cartridge of silicone sealant!
I put my engines together with it and it works fine.
I use High Temperature Silicone sealant for the exhaust flange.
I remember when I was a young man starting in engineering and mentioned using Loctite for some applications, instead of waiting hours for the gnomes in the jig boring dept to work their occult magic

Crucifixes were raised in the face of such heresy!
Now it is generally accepted.
I’ll bet Alfred would smile!
Kindest Regards from the Twenty First Century!