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Roger Moss

To be honest, I never did open the wrapping on the unbound copy of Technicalities I had. As I tended to resolve problems utilising the comprehensive facilities at my disposal, rather than the more restricted conditions available to most owners, then my methods are mostly a little different. I finally sold the “Technicalities on to a new member unopened.
I would expect that if I had read it, I would have found the same mix of good, indifferent and downright bizarre information as occurs in the book of the Scott.
David Holder agreed that it would be good to pass on information and suggested that we re wrote the BOS so he was not in the position of having to give permission to this publication and refuse it to more problematical attempts to breach his copyright by others.
How many of us have the time to do it?
That would need someone like you Brian, as you have the knowledge in depth of models to do it. If the club would not fund it, then I see no reason why you could not do it as a private venture to gain some recompense for your time. How about it? I would give what help I could gladly!
I did feel that there could be some “wriggle room” as regards use of diagrams and photos.
As regards “Technicalities. Neil Levings had some copied for himself and others. I contacted Gill Swan to suggest that the Spares scheme funded the copying of a few sets for stock and to ask Neil to arrange this for them. This would at least give the availability to the whole membership regardless of computor use. I do not know the progress of this, but hope it did indeed come to fruition.
As regards “Technicalities” on CD ROM, then this is dormant at the moment. I suppose I hoped that having stirred the pot, then someone would come forward to take it on. I do understand that everyone has busy lives, but it appears to be back with me!
As I can not find time to organise this in the near future, then I decided that to encorage the Spares Scheme to stock some hard copies would at least make the information available to new members.
It may not be a perfect situation, but at least it fills a void.
Finally back to the BOS
David Holder has all the info for printing and Matt had arranged at least two print runs during his life.
If you think, Brian, that there are some significant errors in the book, then why not write out the corrections and GIVE them to David to be incorporated in a new print run. The correct info would get to the owners and David would have copyright to the updated material supplied. Your name could be added as recognition for the updating and everyone would be happy!
Well, “Thats all then folks”! (And to think that I could have rebored a barrel in the time it took to write this with my one fingerd typing)
Kindest Regards to all