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Roger Moss

Can I suggest that you start a new subject “Spares Discussion” and copy and paste recent postings together on that.
Perhaps they can be eventually collated and sent to all committee members.
I would throw in my £100, although with trying to keep stock of things that should be the remit of the club ties up a lot of my (and the banks) money
I have always offerred advice and help as regards getting spares made, but without money, you can do very little. A compilation of the postings should be printed in Yowl, although I tend to believe that it is the folks who use the internet that are looking forward. There is a tendency for some older members to give up on forward progress and just coast downhill to eventual demise. We may have little control over the deterioration of our bodies, but we sure as hell have some control over whether we let our spirit decline.
We want positive vibes and positive action
I am sorry that I will not be at Stamford Hall rally. I will be racing at Cadwell to show others that a Scott is not the step preceeding a Bath Chair and that being 67 does not stop a man from racing. R