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Roger Moss

Dear Rich
How elegant
I wish I could write like that.
Does my memory serve me correctly?
Did we once have a milkman who was an erudite philosopher?

I do not need outside help in my Scott (and other makes) life
But others do.
You are quite correct, I have enough on my plate without assuming other responsibilities into which I would throw myself with total comittment, as though I was going to live forever.
So what to do now?
I phoned Martin Hodkin and suggested that the vote conveyed a desire for moving forward amongst a fair percentage of members.
I gave him some ideas and offerred my help if he wished it.
So on with life.
Today the sun is shining and having put a larger valve in the MM float chamber and getting about 325m/ /min at the carb bottom banjo, I am taking that two wheeled ballet dancer out for a spin.
Yes, maybe I should think of myself as well sometimes!
Cheers Rich
Your dad is proud of you.
And cheers to all my friends
Rich is correct, I know that I am far from perfect.
But what you see is what you get!