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Roger Moss

I sent a message in reply to your email to roger@mossengineering.co.uk but your email address would not accept it and sent it back.
Herewith copy
Hi Tony. How are things in Kew?
As regards Fork crown– Now that is an interesting thing to lose from a set of forks!
I will ask around, and have copied this to Jon Hodges to see if the Spares Scheme has such an item. This will not be an easy item to find.
I suggest you also ask Bob Trickett, just on the off chance.
The original was a forging and if it was impossible to get one, one could be made, but it would not be cheap. A pattern and casting in bronze would be the safest option, or to see what manner of malleable iron could be had.
Follows an account of our last race meeting for your general interest.
Kind Regards

Racing a Scott at Three Sisters near Wigan Sept 11 & 12 2004

After experimenting with a new cylinder head shape without success, the old head was replaced and a 60mm long ram tube was fitted to the carb, as this had proved helpful on dyno tests. Other than this it just had a good general fettle.

Paul Dobbs had recently returned from the Manx GP, where he took his standard 500 Gold Star round at a touch over 95mph. Paul had not ridden at Three Sisters before and so decided that Saturday was to be a learning day and Sunday would be the day for serious racing.

He had good placings for the first three rides on the Scott, but just prior to his last outing, it started raining heavily and several riders fell on the slippery circuit. As though to dispel any thoughts of “taking it easy”, Paul drew a front line grid position. The narrow 21” “Speedmaster” front tyre seemingly found grip denied to others and Paul won handsomely!

On Sunday, Paul had four starts on the Scott and won all four races. Where there was another class with later big twins racing together, Paul headed them home also, with the leading riders in his class, half a lap adrift.

Paul recorded almost identical best times on the Scott as on the 500 Gold Star on what admittedly was a circuit that favoured the nimble handling of the Scott, although, of course, the bumpy sections favoured the spring frame Gold Star.

The Scott not only performed, but was entirely trouble free.