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Roger Moss

Ok we have had no more input for 3 months.
As an ordinary member, I do appreciate all the helpful postings.
As an immediate help, in the absence of any CD packaged info, I have suggested to Gill Swan at the spares scheme, that they buy some hard copies, perhaps Neil Levings can supply these, so that new owners can at last have some source of info. The club can afford to put some copies in stock in the spares scheme, and surely this is where they should be supplied from.
As regards the CD project.Surely it makes sense to check out the Morgan and Rudge club examples and have the benefit from learning from their experiences. I certainly do not want to throw obstacles in the way of such a project, only to urge prudence. I have long ago learned the hard lesson, that there is no secret to success, it only requires that you know what you are doing, and then do it properly.
For myself, my dearest wish is to show the world that Scotts not only have a noble history, but also a bright future, within the historical bike context. My life is crowded and there is a limit to what I can undertake in addition to making a far from fulsome living. I was just hoping that there was someone out there who had time in their lives to nurse the CD project through to a conclusion was was a credit to the club and not a cost restricted compromise.
Thanks to all who have participated in this discussion and especially to unsung hero Steve Bowles, who I am sad to see is now selling his bikes.