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Geoff Case

Hi Mourice You are a lucky man!. The hollowed out sump plugs clearly have a racing background. I had a similar pair made of titainium. They were (reputedly) fitted to the 193? ex Harry Langman TT machine. They were so light that when “a spy” opened the door of my Engine Development Facility,(the shed),a draught blew “em into the long grass.A magpie flew of ,claiming them,(they were that pretty) !. I must recommend that you “drill and wire ,to prevent them being nicked. If your engine also has the 14 to 1 High compression spark plugs,and extra long HT leads (to retard the ignition) to compansate for the compresion,you almost certainly have a bike with racing history. However only titainium sump plugs can claim to be GENUINE TT jobs!. Regards Geoff Case.

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