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When I bought my Scotts I thought I may have problems with starting. As with the unregistered TT Replica there was a letter with it from the restorer saying that they could only start it with a push and had not been able to start it with the kick start. Therfore before tackling any of the three Scotts I purchased I decided to make myself a set of starting rollers as they would come in usefull anyway for starting some of my other bikes. I used a starter motor that was lying about from a 1972 BMW 2002 and the rest of the parts were just scrap metal that I either had or scrounged as scrap metal. I bought some bearings of ebay for a couple of quid. The most expensive bit was the battery. The starting rollers seem to work fine. If I made them again I would put 2 starter motors on as it is a bit of a struggle to start large engine bikes. I found that with the first Scott I tried that had not been started for over 10 years it did not start on the rollers, but tried to start. I then kicked the kick start and it started first kick.

Being over 60 and having a dodgy neck and back I have found the rollers a god send.

If anybody would like photos and details you can email me at mikemacartney@btconnect(dot)com.