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Roger Moss

I have a tank of red diesel with two Scott block / head units resolutely united.
Next to this is a prayer mat. So far religion has failed to come up to its reputation. I have tried the hollow tube cutter, but when a hard tooth breaks off down the hole, you are lost. So far experience favours 3 months in diesel, refit on to bottom half, convert old spark plug to take centre bolt, screw down till it just touches piston at TDC, make sure nuts are unscrewed two turns (I do this before immersing in diesel) Screw down spark plug bolt one turn, rotate flywheel to exert pressure on head, either clamp flywheel in position or ask friend to keep pressure applied on flywheel, Use aluminium drift and medium lump hammer to beat the nuts on end, each in turn and in rotation. Repeat for other bore. With luck the combination of diesel, applied pressure and shock will start it moving. If no luck, saw it off. If you think you deserve better, then consider that I volunteered to remove heads as a job. I must be crazy!
Good luck friend and if you find a better way, please tell us all. Roger