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Roger Moss

Nearing completion of a very long overdue rebuild on a blind head motor, I reviewed the ferrules in the block for holding the water jacket.
They was really not safe to use
Phone Graham Moag, have you got any ferrules
Sorry Roger just sold the last and have none on order so far
OK, make drawing, make ferrules and nuts including some for Spares Scheme. Get them phosphate treated to prolong life
Thread is 15/16 x 24 TPI x 60 degree
Threads in block not good so ferrules are reluctant to screw in
Do I winch them in or make / get a tap to clean out the hole
Cheaper to buy one perhaps and if thread ground in HSS far better than my screwcut and home hardened offering in 01 steel
One new “second” hand tap made as a special in USA $160
At least I can have a clear conscience that I have not compromised the quality