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Roger Moss

James Watt’s design would not work without a precision machine tool was invented to do the job. Watt worked with Carron iron works for some time but they could not get the system to work.
Mathew Bolton knew of “Iron mad John Wilkinson” and his ability to dream up devices to do the job and so made a partnership with Watt.
John Wilkinson made the machine that made it all viable.
Mathew Bolton and James Watt made money
Who remembers John Wilkinson now–
As a long time designer and builder of special machines,– excuse the hollow laugh!
As regards the bore, it depends how much stock you want to remove.
Maybe a job for a long hone or a gun drill and hone.
Would it be more convenient to reduce the size of the internal components a bit to suit the tube you have if the tube has a decent bore.
I presume you have seamless tube?
Kind Regards